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salon perfection training

At the Academy we aim to offer high quality European nail technique classes - fractionally and systematically developed to accomplish best results . We aim to evoke the best from each individual student.


We pride ourselves on precision and simplicity but towards extreme expression and creativity.



Here you can see the Salon Perfection Training Class Syllabus*

*Note - class flow can depend on individual approach, volume of students and nail artist profile

(Competitions orientated, Client Orientated, Pure Artistry)






1. Theory

Nail Anatomy.

Sterilisation and disinfection.

Types of tools.

Types of machinery.

2. Russian manicure

Preparation of cuticle for perfect application.  Learning about using different scissor attachments - tools are provided in class - scissors and plusher  (Smart Set - specially designed by Zrinka.)


3. Builder Base

We will start with applying builder base in the bottle. With builder we will create perfect apex on natural nail and without filing, we will apply color polish. Since we created deep colour pockets we will apply colour in the pocket, allowing the client longer wear . This way we are pushing the service to last longer and grow cleaner.

4. Form Placement

Form preparation - depending on natural  and desired shapes  - here we are learning different techniques to accomplish perfect form unique to individual shapes.

Techniques to minimise damage on natural nail plates while cutting and preparing.

Salon shapes - square, almond, coffin. 

With form we are  trying to achieve perfect c curve, structure, parallel sidewalls and upper arch thickness.

5. Filling

For filing , we are using 2 to 3 different file graduation and without shaping to much , cuz we applied enough product to satisfy nail structure, we are finishing nail easily and really clean.

6. Colour Application

Focus on clean application of colour.

Gloss application.

7. French Art Building

Learning how to build the competition style french with shell, marble, glitter etc. This type of french tip will be created with reverse technique and it will create perfect smile line in the finished look.

2 or 3 shapes will be involved and you can choose between salon ones: Square, almond or

coffin (Marylin).

8. Rebalancing

You will change the shape of the nails of your own -working on 2 different nails.

Two nails of choice will be completely rebalanced -  following proper perimeters of each shape. Using lots of measurements - we will cover theoretical part of each shape and create new nails from old ones.

9. Photography Tips and Tricks

Finishing the class with photographic tips and

tricks - important for competitions and social media.



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