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core base level 1 training

At the Academy we aim to offer high quality European nail technique classes - fractionally and systematically developed to accomplish best results . We aim to evoke the best from each individual student.


We pride ourselves on precision and simplicity but towards extreme expression and creativity.



Here you can see the Core Base Level 1 Training Class Syllabus*

*This Class is intended for beginners and people who want to start their career in nail art industry.

Basic class is created to offer you as a beginner all the important details, parts and necessary beginner steps in this industry.
After years of being technician , educator, master educator and  international head judge I decided to create this class in order to help all of you and stop possible bad habits.

Class in super intense and its being held
In 3 days.  Every day is 9 hours and we are not leaving classroom until I am not fully satisfied with level. It can be 9 hours +. So be prepared,  no plans/ traveling  for those 3 days outside this classroom, just so we can work undisturbed






1. Day

We begin with nail anatomy ( issues, nail plate damages, disease , fungus , greenies  mechanical injuries and how to recognize them ).

Sanitation of nail tool, what tool to use and how to use it.
What scissors, and why not nippers.
I will explain how to prep the desk, how to sit and how to hold clients hands so Your back and carpel tunnel doesn't get injured.
All details are very important!! Also covering behaviour with clients and possible conflicts. And how to handle them.

After that we will have a lunch  brake  and then we are getting known with Russian manicure: bits and e file work.
What bits to use , what scissors and pusher( Smart tool part of the class.) I will explain benefit of flexi scissors and how to use it.
We will preform Russian manicure and then continue with Rubber polish application.
We will cover  benefits of new age rubber products and difference between old systems.
We will perform service on one of your hand.
We will take time to complete hand to perfection and after that we are continuing to Studio art level 1.
Application of foil  and classy systems of choosing colors and how to communicate design with client.

2. Day

For second day we are starting with explaining about all kinds of systems of new age Nail industry.
We will go trough gel , acrylic, polygel, gel polish explanation so you as a new technician know what are you explaining to your future clients.
After that we are learning about forms.
There is a science behind forms so be ready for lots of writing and sketching.
We will start with form application on your own hand, after we soak the Rubber base as a example of removal part.
We will apply forms for square and oval nail shape .
One nail will be fully builded with explanation of creating "color pocket "  and we will continue with application .Second nail will be  french tip "reversed" way and we will go trough layering of product and all significant parts of nails : Apex, Upper arch,  smile line , c curve, lower arch . Thing that we call perimeters.

After that we will continue with one more  (coffin) in faded French then refill the same nail so You can see that part and finish the day  with another part of Studio art.

3. Day

3rd and last day it would be necessary to bring patient model .
We will start with all we covered in the 1 st day and start with Russian manicure  model can have bitten nails , short , long  it really doesn't matter because we want to see all types of nails and possible mistakes.
We will do russian manicure and start with form application right away.
You can choose the shape (3 that  we covered) or even mix and we will do 2 nails in French and 8 in color.
Nails will be created to perfection and we will do some embellishments and art .
Every day we will cover different studio art. So no worries, we will cover 2 different per day. 6 in total.

After the model hands are done, we will take a pictures and I will show you all the tips and tricks of a perfect photo .



Kit including: Lamp, necessary brushes for the class: gel brush  , thin detail brush , art brush . Smart set( scissors and pusher), 2 e file bits, cover gel , building white, 2 color polishes, art , sand dust for design , transfer foils, 3 files  3 buffers. Forms.
Certificate of competition will be awarded.
6 months after the class we will do a day test meeting. Me as Your mentor will overlook you while doing a set or a fill on client. You can bring your client .
• 1 year of support will be given and after a year you can apply for "Salon perfection class" as a continuation of your skills.



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