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Our private studio , located on 1003 Mainland st is offering you the best of European nails structure in Vancouver. High Fashion nails with clean application and amazing structure is a must have nowadays.

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Combination of lines, art, math and dark vibes in nail expression.

Series : Perfection and Basic classes held in Zrinka B Nail Academia.

smart set / nail tool set

Smart set is best designed sharp and detailed flexi scissors + pusher that will help you clean the nail plate and cuticles before product application. Proudly designed in Canada.

ZER.0 nail tool set - Manicure bits 4pcs set.

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Zrinka offers high fashion nail architecture aimed at fashion editorials, film, music videos, artists, models and celebrities.


Mentorship to more than 100's of students from

Europe and Canada. 

Smart set

smart set

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nail tools

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here (4pcs set)

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